Friday, June 17, 2011

Laundry Day

As I was pulling a load of laundry out of the dryer today, I thought it would made a great subject for this blog.
  Chores need to be done by everyone who is part of the family.  It is not necessary to give children an allowance for doing chores.  All family members help out in order to have more time to be together.
Having a family chore time is a great way to keep everyone involved.  There is nothing worse than having to do chores, while other family members are having fun.

I suggest you sit with your family and make a list of chores that need to be accomplished each week.  Divide it into daily chores and weekly chores.  Choose a time each day when chores are to be accomplished.  For weekdays I suggest right after dinner because someone will be taking care of dishes, someone could be folding laundry, someone could be dusting, someone could be taking out the trash and recycling.  You will find the right time for your family.

There are many chores around the house that young children can help do.  Laundry is one of these tasks.
Here are some suggestions for ways your child can help:
  • Children can sort laundry into a  pile whites, a pile of colors and a pile of darks.
  • Put a hamper or laundry basket in your child's room and he or she can bring it to the laundry room when it is full.
  • If you have a front loading dryer, children can put a laundry basket near the door and take the dry clothes out of the dryer.
  • Children can learn to fold the laundry.  Have a table where they can lay out each item.  Help them learn to fold corner to corner and then bottom to top.  Start with towels.  Children can fold a towel in half and then roll it up (Montessori children have lots of practice with this!).
  • Children can deliver folded laundry to the appropriate room where it will be stored.  If the storage area (closet, drawer, shelf) is within the child's reach, he or she should put it away neatly.
Like Mary Poppins said, "There is an element of fun in every job that must be done.  You find the fun and snap! the job's a game!"

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  1. As soon as I say, "Laundry time!" My girl runs to her room and gets her hamper, brings it to the laundry room, and puts them in the washer (it is a front loader). As she is doing that, I put in the laundry soap. Then she closes the door and turns it on. When the wash is done, she has a bit of trouble tossing them in the dryer (which is stacked on top) But it is very fun to play basketball with the laundry! Then I pick her up to turn it on. Folding has not gone as well...even towels give her trouble...but one day at a time.
    Oh, did I mention, she is only 4 yr old. :-)