Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eating The Rainbow

I have a busy day today, tomorrow is the last day of school and there are lots of activities during the next two days, so I have a short post today.

Eating the Rainbow
This is not a new idea, many health professionals have talked about eating foods that contain all the colors of the rainbow.  Here is an idea to help children track the colors of the foods they eat.

Children love stickers, markers, and charts.  Work with your child to create a color chart.  Write the names of the colors of the rainbow down the side of the cart.  I like to write them in colored marker so that even young children who are not yet reading can recognize the color.

The child can put a colored sticker next to each color food that he or she eats.  You could make a chart for everyone in the family.
An easy way to get these colors into your diet is to make a rainbow salad.
yellow bell pepper
red cabbage'
Toss with your favorite salad dressing, add nuts, seeds, or croutons and enjoy!
Remember, when eating from the rainbow it means the natural color of the food not foods with added dyes!  Make it fun.

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