Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sand Tray

The Sand Tray is one of my favorite activities.  It is a wooden box with enough sand in it to cover the bottom of the box in a thin layer.  We use colored sand to make it more appealing. (You can buy it in a craft store).  Our sand tray has a lid.  We have added a dash of cinnamon to it so that it appeals to the visual, the sense of touch, and the sense of smell.

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The sand tray is used for handwriting.  We use it to practice cursive letters, letters we tend to reverse, and numbers too.  About this time of year we tend to forget about it and it collects dust on the shelf.  All our elementary students are writing, and although a few still need practice, they are very capable of using a pencil and eraser.

But all I have to say is, "Why don't we use the sand tray?"  and I have a line of students who want to have a turn.

It is easy to make one at home.  Just get a cafeteria type tray with a lip around the edge.  Pour in just enough colored sand to cover the bottom in a thin layer, add a dash of cinnamon and you are all set.  This is a great activity for ages 4 - 9.

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