Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rainy Days

Homemade costumes and dance routines are one way to spend a rainy day.

To me, there is nothing better on a rainy day than curling up on the sofa with the dogs and reading a good book.  When I was a child, it was different.

Children need to be active.  On rainy days it can be a challenge to find things for children to do so that they don't end up screaming and running around in circles.  (And neither do you! :))

Rainy days are a time to encourage your child's creativity.

Children love to build things, Drag out the legos and blocks and clear a big space.  Let them build and design to their heart's content.  My favorite building project from when I was a child was to take all of the sofa cushions off the furniture, turn the sofa upside down, use a large sheet and create a fort!  All children love the small, cozy spaces a fort provides.  My sisters and I would get flashlights and play monopoly in the fort.  Somehow it made it much more special to play the game under the upside down couch. My parents were good sports and let us do this from time to time and I have fond memories of this.

Take out the art supplies.  Drawing, painting, Play-doh, sparkles, glue can all be transformed into something special.  Cover the floor with an old bedsheet and the table with newspaper for easy clean up.  Crayola now has paints and markers that only write on special paper so there will be no accidents.
I remember spending lots of time drawing dresses and creating fashion designs.

Write and perform a play.  Elementary children can make up skits, sing songs, choreograph dances, make costumes, use puppets, stuffed animals and dolls as characters (and audience members).  Children can make programs and posters to announce the performers and their acts.  Old clothes, a dress up box, painted T shirts all help children create a theatrical production!

Music is a great idea for rainy days.  Turn off the TV and Video screens and leave the radio or CD player on.  Music enhances mathematical abilities so be sure to encourage a musical strand in your child's experiences.  Have a dance hour.  Take turns choosing songs and everyone dances as it plays.  Play Freeze Dance.  One person pauses the music and everyone freezes until the music comes back on. 

Exercise to an exercise DVD.  We all have one lying around.  Get the kids doing the routine too!

Read a book together.  Take turns reading pages with older children.  Enjoy and discuss the story.

Cook, chop, peel, bake!  This is a good way to get everyone involved and will produce something tasty when you are done.

Make cards for soldiers, nursing home patients, grandparents, hospitalized children.  Your children can be thoughtful and bring smiles to the faces of others by making cards and drawings.

It's raining today, I am going to read...what are you going to do?

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