Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This one's for you, Dad. - CAMP!


Camp is a great way to spend the summer.  To be honest, I believe that some unscheduled time is vital for children to develop their own interests, learn to entertain themselves (not with screen time), and learn to be who they are.

But 12 weeks of unscheduled time is a lot for a child.  It is said that students tend to forget about 40% of what is learned in school during the summer months.  This means teachers cannot just dive in with new and unexplored curriculum.  Time must be spent REVIEWING!  No fun for anyone.

Camp is a good way to continue learning and exploring in a supervised manner.

There are many types of camps.

In every community there are camps that specialize in activities.  This is a good way for a child to explore something they have an interest in whether it be a particular sport or a visual or performing art.  Lego camps have become very popular.  The key is that it is something that interests the child.  The child should be part of the decision making process when it comes to choosing a camp.

Day camps can provide a variety of activities too.  There are camps that give children sports, arts, games, and nature activities throughout the day.  These are great camps for children who have a wide field of interest.

Sleep Away Camps are great for older children.  Children who choose a sleep away camp should have experience staying overnight at the houses of friends or relatives.  The first experience should be for a short amount of time, whether it is a week or two.  You can increase the duration if your child has a positive experience.  I would not send a child who is under the age of 10.

All camps should have the following:
Experienced and qualified staff members
Clean and comfortable facilities
A planned schedule of activities
Staff certified in first aid and CPR

I highly recommend students attending camps.  It helps students grow, it leads to self confidence and self discovery, and it can be the source of wonderful memories.

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