Monday, July 2, 2012

Writing on the Walls

There is nothing as enticing to a child than a big blank wall.  It is the perfect canvas for crayons, pencils, paint, chalk, and any other writing implement.  

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
Pablo Picasso

So as good Montessori teachers and parents, we need to find a way to prepare the child's environment so that she has freedom to express her artistic tendencies.

Butcher Paper
Cover the walls with Butcher Paper.  You can purchase this at a craft or art supply store (or online).  It comes in many different widths.  You can tack it on across the blank space on the walls and then let the children go for it with crayons, markers, and other colorful writing tools.  Older children can express their thoughts and use this paper to leave notes, design fashion or automobiles, write poetry and music lyrics, draw and sketch.  Younger children like to practice their letters, draw, or just play with color.

Outdoor Grafitti
There is nothing young children like better than water play.  Why not give them paint brushes and buckets of water then let them draw or write with the water on the side of the house or on the driveway.  It is beneficial for children who are learning their letters to write them using the big muscles of the arm and shoulder.  Children can write large letters using the water and paint.

Art in the Window
Crayola has markers to use on glass.  If you have large windows or sliding glass doors, why not let the children use the markers and decorate the windows.  This is a great rainy day activity.

It takes a little planning but brings joy and fun to your child's life, so let the art activities begin!

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