Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Practical Life Ideas

My sister-in-law once said to me, "My job is to raise my children so that they no longer need me."
That is the essential tenet in the "oractical life" lessons in a Montessori classroom.  Here are a number of ideas for practical life activities for children of all ages.

Remember children need to be taught how to do things such as using sharp knives, tools, and appliances.   Take the time to demonstrate and practice with them.  Before you know it they will be doing these things on their own.

1.      Pet Care
2.      Gardening
3.      Cooking/food prep
4.      Bicycle repair
5.      First aid
6.      Sewing
7.      Woodwork/building projects
8.      Laundry
9.      Tool use
10.  Polishing
11.  Table setting
12.  Washing dishes/dishwasher loading
13.  Ironing
14.  Clothing repair
15.  Fence painting
16.  Addressing mail
17.  Bill paying/check writing
18.  Tipping
19.  Making an appointment
20.  Writing a thank you note
21.  Planning field trips
22.  Organizing and counting money
23.  Telling time
24.  Teeth care
25.  Charity work
26.  Answering the telephone
27.  Manners
28.  Greetings
29.  Shoe tying
30.  Sweeping/mopping
31.  Raking
32.  Measuring (for cooking, building…)
33.  Threading a shoe lace
34.  Tying knot
35.  Sneezing and tissues
36.  Hand washing
37.  Serving food to others
38.  Nail trimming
39.  Using a microwave
40.  Computer skills
41.  Changing toilet paper roll
42.  Shopping
43.  Nutrition/food choice
44.  Tying a tie
45.  Folding a paper in half
46.  Framing a picture
47.  Gift wrapping
48.  Drink pouring
49.  Making an introduction
50.  Hanging up clothes
51.  Organizing papers
52.  Organizing personal work space
53.  Putting books back on a shelf
54.  Cutting
55.  Setting an alarm clock
56.  How to take a test
57.  Dancing with a partner
58.  Resolving conflicts peacefully
59.  Making new friends
60.  Making ice cubes
61.  Cleaning eye glasses
62.  Putting in hair clips
63.  Changing the size of a baseball cap
64.  Crossing the street
65.  Driving a car

Help your child learn the skills they need to be independent.  Remember, even when they are all grown up and technically no longer "need" you, they will always need your love.

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