Friday, June 22, 2012

A Bigger Stage

There is no doubt about it, I have always loved being on stage.  From the little stage in the elementary school I attended to high school, college, New York stages and the stage where I encourage young actors and actresses to trust their instincts and take flight, the stage is where I belong.

I have decided to move to a bigger stage.  As a Montessori educator I have loved being in the classroom environment in the small private school where I felt at peace.  Setting the stage (known as the environment), introducing students to concepts and mentoring children have become my calling.  I have had a change of heart however and am now feeling the tug of taking this show to a bigger audience.

 I have come to believe that all children deserve a Montessori education, not just the ones who can pay for it.

I will continue to be a Montessori educator but will move from a private school to a public charter school.  There is a need to spread Maria Montessori's work to everyone, not just those who can pay for it.

So I am off on a new adventure.

Here are a few ideas I hope to share with the public through this blog and through the children and families I will come into contact with.
  • We all need a mentor to guide us.  Education should be based on a system where students have mentors who are in their corner for life.  
  • Maria Montessori worked with the poorest students, so her methods are not only for the privileged.
  • Practical life skills need to be taught in schools as we become a society where both parents are working.
  • Being kind, being safe and doing your best can take you a long way in life.
  • Students can become confident in any situation, they can have poise, grace and good manners.
  • The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow so let's prepare them thoughtfully.  Give them conflict resolution skills and the ability to take an idea and make it a reality.
Those of you who believe in the Montessori Method can help spread the joy and the beauty of this type of education by supporting any and all Montessori schools both private and public.


  1. I'm so happy for you Debbie. I believe today's children NEED this guidance more than ever. Best wishes, always.


  2. Through this blog I have had many epiphanies. I want to spread the word about Montessori, the path is clear to me, it needs to be done in the public schools. I am ready to lend my voice to this cause. You are a wonderful mentor of children and offer them many experiences and I truly admire you for all you do. Thanks Sue.