Sunday, October 16, 2011

Preparation of the Parent

This past week conferences were held with students,parents, and teachers.  It is always a joy to meet with all of the families in our classroom.  I truly believe that the whole family comes to school with the child each day and that the teacher needs to be a team member with the parents in the development of the child.

Maria Montessori spoke of the preparation of the teacher, the preparation of the environment and the  preparation of the spirit.  She emphasized that the teacher should stay in background, allowing the child to develop with guidance, developing his or her own character,  The teacher is there to prepare the environment so that it calls to the child.

Maria Montessori spoke of preparing the teacher's spirit.  As teachers we are taught to observe our students and the environment, present new lessons, to stand back and allow children to work on something until they achieve understanding, to be patient, and to renew our commitment to our students daily.

It occurs to me that parents really don't have the same type of preparation.  How do you prepare to be a parent?  Taking on this job is a lifelong commitment.  It will bring you joy and heartache.  Your spirit needs to be renewed daily so that you can provide the best for your child.

Take time for yourself.
Date your spouse.
Pursue a hobby.
Reflect, keep a journal.
Be grateful.

Find what you love to do and make time for it.  You and your child will benefit from this.  Your child is a gift and will develop his or her character according to how you see yourself.  Love yourself and your child will learn to love himself as well.


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  2. thanks for commenting Adam, please pass this blog along to the parents in your school.