Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Frisco Taught Me

Baby Frisco
This was taken a few days before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with Bucky.

My beloved Frisco silently slipped away on Wednesday night.  He left this world the way he lived his life, quietly, peacefully and without asking for attention.

Frisco was a friendly, happy dog.  He was happy just to be who he was.  He never competed for attention or demanded much.  He loved to be outside digging or laying in the dirt.  He loved treats, and he gave love and affection to everyone he met.

Frisco was only 10 years old.  He did have an enlarged heart and an ineffective valve.  He was on four medications.  But he lived each day with the same sense of love, affection, playfulness and peace.

His last day was a really good day.  We went for a long walk, a ride in the car, he chased lizards out back.  He ate a good dinner and did his business before bed.  As I got into bed, Ziggy hopped up with me and Frisco lay in his favorite place on the cool tile.  He gave what sounded like a sigh of satisfaction after a pleasant, well lived day.  Ziggy hopped down immediately and sniffed Frisco all over, then jumped up and stood with his paw on my shoulder staring at me.  So I got up and poor Frisco was gone. 

We are heartbroken.  When Bucky died we had lots of time to tell him we loved him and that he would always be in our hearts.  Frisco was gone in the blink of an eye and then there was no time to tell him all the loving thoughts we have about him.

Yes, I know he knew.  And I was telling him day by day but I want 5 more minutes to really let him know.

What I've learned from this experience is not to wait.  You cannot get back any of the time you let slip by.   So,
  •  if your child wants you to play, drop what you are doing and play.  Childhood will not last forever.
  • if your partner wants to spend time with you, do it.  The opportunity may be lost.
  • if you love someone, tell them every chance you get.  Tell them when you wake up, leave the house, go to bed, during a disagreement, whenever you have those 5 minutes I want back.  You can never say it enough.

We often say we don't want our children to grow up too fast, but they will whether we take the time to enjoy their childhood or not. 

Savor every moment with your children.  They will remember the time you spend with them and the expressions on your face.  Love them every second of the day.



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