Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Fun

Today is my birthday!  Birthdays are an important celebration in a child's life.  They mark milestones and represent trips on planet earth around the sun.

There are many ways to celebrate a child's birthday.  Parties for children should be centered around their interests.  One girl I know wanted to have a party with an animal theme.  She loved animals and wanted all of her friends to share in her interests.  Her mom gave her a "princess" party.  Her daughter was disappointed but said to me, "Maybe next year my mom will listen to me."

This broke my heart.  So I recommend discussing the options with your child before choosing a "theme".
Parties do not have to be elaborate with entertainers, rented bounce houses, and catered food.  Children want to play games, eat cake and ice cream, do crafts, and have fun.

Here is an idea for a party for children who like to be in the kitchen.

You will need:
Paper chef hats for each child
the fixings for individual pizzas
unfrosted cupcakes, I suggest making a sheet cake, or purchasing one, and using a biscuit cutter to cut out rounds.  You get a larger individual cupcake.
different colored icings and cupcake toppings, put the icings in squeeze bottles
Optional: plain aprons and fabric paint so each child can decorate their own apron

Invite children over.  Have the table set with a square of aluminum foil for each, a pizza crust (boboli) for each child, and pizza fixings in bowls on the table.  Each child creates their own pizza.

While pizzas are cooking play a game.  Hide and seek or tag if you have an outdoor area.  Freeze Dance is a good game for indoors.  Or children can work on decorating aprons.

When pizzas are ready, it's time to eat.

After pizza, children should help clear the table. This is a good time to open gifts if you want.

 Put out the cupcake decorations and put individual cupcakes on paper plates and have children decorate their own cupcakes.  Take photos of each child with his or her creation.  Sing Happy Birthday and enjoy the cupcakes.

Use the photos in the thank you notes that your child writes for gifts and for coming to celebrate with him or her.

However you and your child choose to celebrate, remember the celebration is about this miracle you call your child.  Take time to enjoy the joy he or she is feeling.

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