Sunday, December 30, 2018

Caretakers of the Earth

When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their inner strength. – Maria Montessori

Caretakers of the Earth
Montessori students come to the realization that they are
Caretakers of themselves and others, caretakers of all living things,, and caretakers of the earth.

Our class has been discussing ecology and the care of the world they are inheriting from their ancestors.  The students are exploring the idea of being “caretakers of the earth.” LE 8 has started a Green Team to help us clear up any refuse on the campus.

Montessori students are taught to leave an environment in better condition than when they arrived at it.  In order to achieve this, the students have been learning about the effects of plastic on our oceans, fish, and birds.
Here are a few ideas the students are hoping to establish as routines in our class.
  • Bring a cloth napkin, placemat, and your own silverware every day, even if you are getting hot lunch.  (This is basically a reminder, as we asked for this at the beginning of the school year.)
  • Bring a refillable water bottle, not a single use bottle.
  • Bring food in reusable containers, not plastic Ziploc bags.
  • Buy in bulk and avoid single use plastic such as yogurt containers, lunchables, and fruit cups.
These may seem like small differences but it will have an impact on our environment.  Join your student, be a caretaker of the earth.

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