Monday, November 21, 2016

National Neighborhood Day

Did you know that National Neighborhood day is the third Sunday in September?  To be honest, I didn't know this day existed. My feelings throughout this election season is that so many decisions, actions, and protests are fear based.  Perhaps this fear comes from not knowing our neighbors on a first name basis. 

I wanted to start a movement to encourage people to get to know the others who live in their immediate vicinity, whether it be a neighborhood, an apartment building, or the street where you live.  Growing up, I knew all my neighbors, had been invited into their homes, had meals with them, played whiffle ball in the street with them. I felt comfortable talking and visiting with the neighbors.  We were there to help when needed, lend tools or baking ingredients, and support each other. We went to different houses of worship, came from different backgrounds, and attended different schools, but we all knew each other.

When I was 10 or 11, there was a horrible car accident on our block. My best friend's younger brother crossed the street to call on a friend.  She couldn't come out to play so this young boy rode his big wheel down the driveway and into the street being hit by a car. It was tragic to watch all the parents, friends, and siblings. All of the kids on the street went to a neighbor's backyard while the adults helped and supported the family in any way they could. That is how neighborhoods should work.

These days many of us don't even know the names of the people on our street. There was a tragedy on the street here I live a few years ago.  I wanted to help and support the parents but didn't know what to do or how to help as I had never spoken to them previously.  I have also had to call the EMTs a few times but have never called a neighbor to come wait with me.

I think that if we leave the fear behind and get to know our neighbors without judging their political ideology, their religious views, and their ethnicity it would go a long way toward a kinder world.

Visit the website  and start a movement in your neighborhood. Think about the benefits to the world and to your own life of knowing your neighbors.

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