Monday, December 24, 2012


The holidays are a time for celebration, over indulging in good food, spending time with friends and celebrating our families.

I truly believe that the purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the children in our lives.  Those that are children now and those that were once children.  Every birth is a reason to celebrate.  Every child can change the world the way Jesus did.  Every child can be a peacemaker.

How do we get to this place where children, who are naturally free spirited and naturally curious, change the world?  We need to listen to their insights and dreams.  We need to expose them to different people and cultures.  Children are naturally accepting.  If we expose them to negativity, hate and fear that is how they will grow, thinking these are the important emotions.

So why not expose them to joy, compassion and love?  It is simple to do.  Take your child to the local food bank.  Help your child rescue his or her old toys for Goodwill and local shelters.  Invite people of interest to your house whether they be from a different, religion, culture, economic status or sexual orientation.

Allow your child to get to know others, don't judge their choices but learn to accept the wisdom of childhood while keeping them safe.

Open your child's eyes to celebrating what is the same between all of us.  We are the family of man.  It starts with the nuclear family but it spreads outward like the rays of the sun.  Children are naturally loving and curious.  Teach them to ask questions in a respectful manner.

Model how to be kind, safe and do your best.

Give your child roots in your family and wings to discover the world.  That is the Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza gift I wish for all children.

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