Saturday, August 18, 2012

Setting the Stage

School starts on Monday here in this part of Florida.  My co-teachers and I have been (1) Facebookworking for 3 weeks to get everything ready.  Our rooms look beautiful and it is delight and pleasure to walk into these prepared "stages" or environments.

The materials are arranged sequentially and attractively.  Books are neatly placed on the shelves.  Tables and chairs ar set up in different groupings, 1 person, 2 person, groups, and even a table to be used when sitting on the floor.  Computers are set up and seem like a natural part of the environment.  Artwork is hung and living plants placed to enhance the beauty of our set or stage for the comedy, drama, successes and discoveries of the year to come.

Now we are awaiting the entrance of the actors.  We have 32 students!  We are looking forward to forming relationships and bonds with these young people.  It has been a long time since I had a whole class of students who were new to me.  My goal for the first week of school is to start building a community.

The action will begin right away.  We have many activities planned that will help us accomplish this goal.  Personally, I would like children to feel safe, for it to be okay to make a mistake, for the atmosphere to be calm, and for all of the students to feel good about coming to school each day.

I am very excited and anticipating an outstanding year!

I want all students out there to feel this way.  Teachers do what they do because they are passionate about guiding children into self discovery.  That is where learning takes place.

So to all my old students...Remember what you've learned and go forward.  Discover your hidden talents, take advantage of the lessons the universe sends your way, and find a way to enjoy everything, even spelling!

To the students yet to come...I am looking forward to our journey together.  Together we will explore the universe, discover your strengths and passions, and take on every obstacle as a learnable moment.

Welcome back to a new school year, let's take this adventure together.  The curtain is about to go up!

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