Saturday, February 18, 2012

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Basic Ground Rules In A Montessori Environment

Ground rules are an important part of any environment, especially a Montessori environment that offers such freedom (of movement and choice) to the children. Ground rules help to maintain a safe environment that encourages and values self-control, and responsibility for self and others.

Usually the ground rules are discussed with the children within the first few days of their introduction to the Montessori environment so that the children have a clear understanding of what is acceptable.

Quite often the children will inform one another if their behavior or actions are inappropriate or unacceptable. Encouraging the children to guide each other respectfully will go a long way in building a strong community.

But, there are times when the adult must step in and intervene. The question is when should the adult step in? Think of the 3 D's:
  1. Is the action dangerous to the child or others?
  2. Is the action disturbing the work of others?
  3. Is the action destructive to the materials or the environment?
If one or more of the 3 D's applies to the situation, then immediate adult intervention is required. It is important to be consistent both with intervention and with the consequences of the behavior or action.

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