Thursday, July 2, 2020

Spiderman Wears a Mask, So Can You!

In the past few weeks, I have listened to parents, teachers, students, and experts about the need to open up schools.  I agree.  I want to be at school with the students.  Yet I have also heard cries from some parents about how their child is not capable of wearing a mask.  I am here to say, give your child's abilities more credit than this.  Of course, they are going to complain to you about it.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF DOING IT!

Wearing a mask at school does not mean wearing one continuously throughout the day.  Most schools and teachers have a plan where students would mask up when social distancing is not possible; for example, wearing a mask in the lunch line, when the teacher is helping you in a one on one or small group situation, and on the bus. Students who have been taught to wear seatbelts for safety can be taught to wear a mask FOR SHORT PERIODS OF TIME.

School prioritize the safety of students and faculty.  That is why we have active shooter drills and fire drills.  Why we require closed-toed shoes, and why we insist that students walk and not run from place to place.  Many schools have no tolerance for bullying, bringing weapons, and aggressive contact between students.  All of these rules keep people safe.  Wearing a mask KEEPS PEOPLE SAFE.s

I do not know of a parent who does not want to raise children who are kind.  Kindness is the basis of good character.  Teachers emphasize this value during class.  We all pitch in to clean up after a project because it is kind.  We put things away so that other students can find them, because it is kind, and we use quiet voices because it is kind.  We are in an unusual time and we need to protect ourselves and others by wearing a mask BECAUSE IT IS KIND.

As a parent you can help so that the transition to going back to school can be a smooth one.
Practice wearing a mask at home.  Wear one during enjoyable activites such as baking or food preparation.  When the treat is ready, take off the mask and eat!  Wear one while playing computer games, kids will forget they have one on and become used to the feeling of it.  Find ways to make a game out of wearing a mask.  

My three rules are BE KIND, BE SAFE AND DO YOUR BEST.  Wearing a mask comes under all three.  Tell your children that by wearing one they may be saving a life.  Let them know they are heroes.  For goodness sake, Spiderman wears a mask, so they can too!

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